About Us

Green Valley Retreat is a wellness facility ostensibly for persons dealing with issues of Cancer.

After witnessing family and friends having to waste away in a sterile environment where they are surrounded by other terminally ill persons and treated by uncaring personnel, we decided to do something about it.

Our Retreat is not about saving lives but rather about Extending lives.  Although it is NOT a Hospice, our compassionate caregivers and try to keep them in a stress-free environment with the removal of TV news channels and limited use of cellphones. Although we do NOT change the medication, we have our own range of herbal meds which we introduce to our clients.  We will also provide them with a specific range of meals.

We will not recommend changing medical Doctors or Oncologists but are arranging with local Doctors and the closest located   Oncologists to be on call in the event of a medical emergency. Our Qualified and experienced caregivers will ensure the best care for our clients. As part of the care programme, we also ensure that family and friends can be accommodated ( at a fee ) so that there is less stress on the client.  We do however recommend that there are no visitors for the first ten days from arrival.

When we have accrued sufficient funds we would like to be able to also care for those who are unable to afford personal care.

Green Valley Retreat is a registered Non-Profit Organisation.  Reg.No. 2019/614811/08

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