Frequently asked questions.

Can friends and family visit?

Answer.  Yes, they are welcome after the client has been resident for a ten-day and night period.

Can they stay over?

Yes we will arrange accommodation with meals where necessary at the visitor’s expense

Is it a Hospice?

NO, it is NOT a Hospice

Are you government funded?

NO, we are NOT government funded hence the charge. Unfortunately, our personnel must be paid, the Medical professionals .also have to be paid, food has to be paid, etc. Although  Green Valley Retreat is a registered  NON PROFIT COMPANY we have basically created it from our own limited funds.

Can you claim from medical Aid?

At this stage, we are not registered with any medical aid as yet. However, we also have to keep in mind that Medical aid companies take time to pay out while our expenses are immediate.

Are your staff volunteers?

No, all our staff are salaried.

Can people volunteer to be a part of this service?

We would welcome the voluntary services of any person capable and able to assist but please keep in mind that personnel tend to get emotionally involved and often find the care business rather traumatic.

Are medical professionals volunteers?

No, they are all practicing professionals.

Do you change their medication?

NO, we DO NOT change medication but do introduce our own herbal meds to assist the prescribed meds.

Are there age restrictions as to who may enter the program?

NO there is NO age restriction. As illness is not selective of age, neither are we. Any life extended is a win.

Can anybody with cancer attend your Retreat?


What is the recommended duration of the client’s stay?

Ideally, a month-long stay is required to see the progress but in some cases, we have gotten positive results in three weeks. (before we registered as a non-profit company).

Why do we have to pay upfront?

Unfortunately, our expenses are immediate. We cannot hire caregivers, pay rent or buy food or fuel on credit.

What does the payment cover?

Payments cover, accommodation, special diet (meals), Caregivers, Herbal Meds, councilors.

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